Magnetic Therapy

We have selected a range of useful Magnetic Therapy products which enables you to benefit from the power of magnets throughout your day to day activities without effecting your lifestyle. They make great gifts and you can use them in conjunction with other Magnohealth products.


Magnetic Water Wand

UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
Magnetic water has a therapeutic effect on the digestive, nervous and urinary systems. It revitalises the body and promotes an alkaline pH for the body, it infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function. It speeds up the healing process and is believed to boost the strength of externally used magnets by up to 10 times.
Magnetic Water Wand Benefits:  The Autonomic Nervous System;  Kidney Ailments;  Gout;  Obesity;  Premature Ageing

Design: Dolphin
Code: MWW1        Price: £19.95 

Magnetic Shoe Insoles

UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
These Magnetic Shoe Insoles are designed to massage your feet at the same time as providing magnetic therapy.For centuries, practitioners of acupuncture and reflexology have understood the importance of the acupuncture points located on our feet. The dimpled surface targets specific areas to stimulate and relax your feet throughout the day. The deep penetrating magnetic therapy to the feet can help relieve a number of ailments.
Benefits:  Poor circulation;  Night cramps;  Pain in toes, heels & ankles;  Tired aching feet
Code: MS115        Price £15.25
Fits shoe size UK 2-7  EUR 35-40 (trim to size)

Code: MS116        Price: £15.25
Fits shoe size UK 8-12  EUR 41-45 (trim to size)